acs-logo-2Advanced Cannabis Solutions, Inc. or ACS is a development stage company that provides the cannabis industry across the U.S. with an extensive range of services and solutions pertaining to real estate. It leases adequate growing space, and other related facilities and equipment to licensed business operators. This fully reporting public company, founded in 2013, trades in the OTC market under the symbol CANN.

ACS is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where medical marijuana became legal in 2000 and was fully regulated in 2010. The legalization of medical marijuana in more than 20 states across the country, as well as the legalization of recreational marijuana in Washington and Colorado, shows the potentially widespread usage of marijuana throughout the country.

According to the ACS President and CEO Robert Frichtel, the company’s business model is qualified to provide solutions to several of the difficulties faced by marijuana growers and retailers in terms of finding ample commercial real estate and funding for their expansion.

As more companies take advantage of the business opportunities available and are in search of growing space, ACS commits to meet this need by purchasing property and leasing them to marijuana growers and dispensary owners for their production needs.
Advanced Cannabis Solutions, Inc. also seeks to provide the cannabis industry with ancillary products and services, including commissioned plant nutrient lines, advanced logistical support, and regulatory compliance consulting to budding entrepreneurs.

It is important to note that ACS does not violate the Controlled Substance Act of the United States by growing, harvesting, selling or distributing marijuana or other substances, as it provides solutions exclusively to licensed business operators part of the regulated cannabis industry.

In December 2013, ACS closed the purchase of a 5,000-square foot growing facility in Pueblo County across three acres of land. This commercial marijuana grow facility was the company’s first asset acquisition.

The company aims to serve the cannabis industry by utilizing its experienced management team and providing services in the form of real estate, ancillary products, and consulting. ACS recognizes that the industry’s momentum is currently strong nationwide, and believes that this momentum will continue as more and more individuals learn to appreciate the benefits of medical marijuana.

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General Cannabis Corp. Completes Acquisition of Cultivation Facility SevenFive Farm

General Cannabis Corp (CANN), a company with extensive experience in providing services to the cannabis industry, announced today it has completed the acquisition of SevenFive Farm, a 17,000 square foot light deprivation greenhouse cultivation facility in Boulder, Colorado. General Cannabis’ acquisition is the result of its approval by the State of Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division, which established the Company as one of the only Colorado-based entities to own and operate licensed cannabis facilities.

General Cannabis Corp. Receives Additional Approval For Acquisition

General Cannabis Corp (CANN), a company with extensive experience in providing services to the cannabis industry, announced today that Boulder County has approved the transfer of ownership of SevenFive Farm to General Cannabis. This is an important part of the state regulated change of control process; General Cannabis will now work with the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division to establish a date for the formal change of ownership, which the Company anticipates will occur within the next two weeks. SevenFive Farm is a 17,000 square foot light deprivation greenhouse cultivation facility in Boulder, Colorado that produces wholesale cannabis products.

General Cannabis Corp. Receives Key Regulatory Approval from State of Colorado

General Cannabis Corp (CANN), a company with extensive experience in providing services to the cannabis industry, announced today that the State of Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division has granted it regulatory approval as a qualified and suitable buyer of licensed cannabis operations in the State. This authorization, known as a Suitability Approval, establishes Denver-based General Cannabis as one of the first public companies authorized to acquire licensed cultivation, manufacturing and retail operations throughout the state of Colorado. Suitability Approval positions General Cannabis to aggressively move forward with its planned growth strategy focused on expanding operations throughout the state of Colorado through its acquisition and operation of licensed cannabis operations.

General Cannabis Corp. Suspends LOI to Acquire California Assets

General Cannabis Corp. (CANN) today announced that it has mutually agreed with Halsa Holdings to suspend their LOI regarding the acquisition of Halsa Holdings by General Cannabis. General Cannabis is focusing on its Colorado-based strategy, centered on completing previously announced acquisitions of SevenFive Farm and Cannasseur, two Colorado-based operations. General Cannabis continues to work with the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division on the regulatory approval process required to complete the SevenFive and Cannasseur acquisitions.

General Cannabis Corp. to Acquire Cannasseur

General Cannabis Corp (CANN) executed a definitive purchase agreement to acquire The Organic Seed, LLC, doing business under the name Cannasseur, located in Pueblo West, Colorado. “The acquisition of Cannasseur is integral to our growth strategy of acquiring and operating cultivation, manufacturing and retail assets,” said General Cannabis CEO Steve Gutterman. The company anticipates that once the acquisition and integration is complete, Cannasseur should generate over approximately $4 million of incremental annual revenue.