At Age 55, Im From A Time When Weed Was Still A No-no For Many People.

I am not accustomed to getting compliments like that, even from somebody Medical marijuana stocks I spent three years with in a college dorm. So it was very surprising, and really kind of flattering, to read. I am trying to keep it in perspective. If Tom only reads my Sunday column online, he has missed all of my spectacular errors over the years. The e-mails about those are usually far less charitable. Anyway, it was a very nice thing to write, and I also think its really cool that he and I are still buds as we get close to 34 years after our graduation. The other surprise email came Monday from Agora Financial, an investment service to which I subscribe. It said they were adding a new publication to the ones I receive, one that would focus on the markets hottest and most promising industry marijuana! I burst out laughing when I read that. At age 55, Im from a time when weed was still a no-no for many people. Its fascinating today that legal-marijuana advocates have been modestly successful. Even though Ive never tried the stuff (seriously, that is true, even though I do like Doritos), I am in favor of the experiment of selling it legally.

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