629152_avtlogoAVT, Inc. is an industry innovator in automated retailing systems, designing and manufacturing a full line of unique vending and product dispensing systems. Through the use of kiosks, micro-stores, and technology-driven self-service solutions, the company strives to provide customer convenience and further expand the use of vending machines into new applications, such as in retail environments, safety equipment, office supplies, and medical supplies. AVT, Inc. trades in the OTC market under the symbol AVTC.

AVT, Inc., a California-based company founded in 2001, started out as a distributor of traditional vending machines. It then utilized both in-house and outsourced production to become a manufacturer later on. In 2008, it pioneered the self-service automated store, spending almost three years designing patentable systems and technologies that could give them an advantage over their competitors by offering state-of-the-art products that were less expensive to produce and more consumer friendly. The company currently owns numerous key patents that have made them the global leader in the dispensing and vending industry.

The company’s headquarters located in Corona, California are comprised of their warehouse, engineering and manufacturing facility, and executive offices. Over the last decade, the company has expanded to operate roughly 1,000 vending systems throughout different California counties.

Their advanced vending and product dispensing systems has allowed numerous business owners, retailers, and customers to enjoy the accessibility of a self-service environment.
With AVT’s technology, owners and operators are able to manage their systems remotely, yet still receive real-time updates on sales, inventory, and even system diagnostic information online. In recent years, the automated dispensing systems market has experienced rapid growth because they are seen to be more reliable than manual dispensing systems.

AVT, Inc. aims to utilize their many years of experience in the vending industry in order to continuously innovate and refine their systems, thus securing their role as a recognized leader in the automated retail industry and as a key player in the legal marijuana industry.

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