o3qefzdsfmk_bgIn the nascent marijuana industry, many companies are enticed not only to directly produce or distribute cannabis, but also to provide supplementary or ancillary services. BG Medical Technologies is one of these companies, offering technology services to enterprises in the medical cannabis sector.

BG Medical Technologies was formerly known as Dr. Owl Online, Inc, Green Power Technology Holdings Corp, Axiom Management, Inc, and Potential Holdings, Inc. The company founded its primary operating technologies in 2010. BG Medical Technologies, Inc was then incorporated in 2011.

Today, the company is traded in the OTC markets under the symbol RIGH, though its symbol and name change are pending. It has a market cap of USD 15. M.

The company’s foremost service is BudGenius.com, a portal website for doctors and patients utilizing medical marijuana. This website serves as a gateway for users to search for the specific and closely-accessible strains of cannabis to match their conditions. It features a search tool that shows the indications for each cataloged strain, and also has a section on marijuana concentrates and edibles.

Aside from this online service, BudGenius also offers medical marijuana testing to growers, manufacturers, and dispensaries. The company’s laboratory, as well as its head office, is located in Los Angeles, California. It tests various marijuana strain aspects such as potency, pathogens, and pesticides.

BudGenius then records the testing results in its database, which has been described as the most comprehensive online documentation of scientifically tested medical marijuana. In addition, it provides companies the option to publicly display the results, such as in the BudGenius portal.

Other services that BG Medical Technologies is working on include an edutainment website called BG-TV and an e-commerce engine that will utilize the cloud.

The company is currently led by its founder and CEO Angel Stanz. While it is based in the US, its technology development centers are located the Philippines and Ukraine.

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