breedit-final-logo-websiteWhile many technologies companies have ventured into the marijuana industry by providing inventory and management systems, BreedIT Corp stands out with its comprehensive iBreedIT software. The company is also a partner of various institutions in the science of plant-breeding.

BreedIT Corp started in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2010. It was first an online gaming company called Progaming Platforms Corp, then it changed its business and name to BreedIT in 2013.

The company now has offices in Rehovot, Israel and New York, USA. It trades in the US OTC markets as BRDT, with a market cap pegged at USD 16.66 M.

The iBreedIT is the company’s premier product. It is described as an Intelligent Decision Support Software (IDSS) for plant breeders, especially those cultivating cannabis. Developed by computer experts, plant breeders, biologists, and other professionals, the software is a custom-made tool for the various tasks of a plant grower. These include planning, research and analysis of plant data, management, and multi-party communication.

For marijuana growers, the iBreedIT can especially be used in controlling pollination to achieve various traits like the level of cannabinoids or the aroma, thereby fine-tuning cannabis strains.

BreedIT Corp, through the subsidiary BreedIT Ltd, develops, licenses, and markets the software not only for individual and commercial growers but also for aid organizations. Some of them are in developing countries working to increase crop yield.

The company also provides plant-breeding courses and software support in academic units, including the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

BreedIT Corp’s management team is led by CEO Yoel Yogev; Chairman Itschak Shrem; CFO Oded Gilboa; and Marketing and Sales VP Hadas Nahum. Together with them is the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board Dr. Alan Shackelford.

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