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What is CBD? A look into the health benefits of this growing industry

It’s not uncommon to mistake CBD, or cannabidiol, for marijuana. Some

Infographic: The Status Of Cannabis Legalization In Every State, Around The World

In the span of four months in 2018, Canada became the tenth country

North America to Dominate Industrial Hemp Market Through 2027

Industrial Hemp: Market Definition Industrial Hemp, a variety of cannabis, is

Canadian Producers Look to Reduce Energy Impacts of Cannabis Grows

While recreational cannabis is being touted as a potentially multi-billion-dollar industry,

U.S. Cannabis Inventions on the Rise As Legal Marijuana Market Grows

“Last year, Reuters reported that the USPTO issued 39 patents containing

Canada Cannabis Payments Face Their Own Hurdles

Since last year, when Canada legalized recreational pot in full, the

The U.S. Hemp Industry Is Expected to Grow to $2.6 Billion by 2020

The entire cannabis industry has been spreading like wildfire lately, but

Editorial: The Canada-California cannabis connection

Canada often serves as America’s colder, nicer, saner foil, and its

The U.K. Just Got Its First Bulk Medical Cannabis Shipment

The first bulk batch of medical cannabis imported into the U.K.
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