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Greenleaf Medicinals Goes Up in Flames

Greenleaf Medicinals has a marijuana batch recall from Health Care Canada

FITX Cuts Ties with PHOT

Creative Edge Nutrition (FITX) cuts ties with GrowLife (PHOT) in the

UTRM Survives Trial by Fire

United Treatment Centers, Inc. (UTRM) stock tumbles 41% on Monday as

Morgan Stanley Cozies Up to Medical Marijuana Stock GWPH

Morgan Stanley has given GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH) its vote of confidence,

Terra Tech is Planting the Seeds for a Marijuana Crop

Terra Tech is planting the seeds to cultivate a different crop.

Marijuana Stocks Need to Grow Their Balance Sheets

Marijuana stocks have been the focus of very active trading, causing

Aminoplex Makers Acquire Hemp Technologies

Creative Edge Nutrition (FITX), the makers of the workout supplement Aminoplex,

CARA CEO: We Are Not Just a Medical Marijuana Stock

Medical marijuana stocks have been all the rage and CARA has

Medical Marijuana Meets Crowdfunding in NextRx

NextRx wants to bring technological efficiency to medical marijuana dispensaries by
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