The favorable ruling by the Puerto
Rico Superior Court is a big win for Natural Ventures. This is one of the
subsidiaries of Chemesis International Inc (OTCMKTS:CADMF). It is a ruling that
has triggered the Puerto Rico Department of Health to reinstate some important
licenses of the subsidiary. These are specifically the cannabis cultivation and
manufacturing licenses that Natural Ventures has been holding over the years.

International says it will be business as usual

It might seem that the business
venture has left all its troubles behind! However, anything can happen, and
that is considering that there are ongoing appeal efforts in line with this
critical decision. Some parties are showing concerns saying that the licenses
had were not in conformity with the constitution. They believed that the
licenses are invalid and that there is a need for the San Juan court to
overturn its ruling by nullifying everything.

Chemesis International is undoubtedly
enjoying the court’s decision. It says that what matters for them currently is
the reinstatement of the licenses, which implies that its subsidiary is free to
continue with its operations. 

The business guru outlines that the
subsidiary will continue focusing on its licensed activities and that there is
no time to waste. It also says that it is targeting taking over market
leadership and will soon disclose more details regarding the recent


 As a vertically integrated business, Chemesis
International has achieved so much in its many years in business. For instance,
this U.S. Multi-State operator has succeeded in establishing a large number of
operations internationally .some good examples are Colombia and Puerto Rico.

The business giant has also been good
when it comes to the handling of its capital allocation exercise. Sources
indicate that it has been enjoying the first-mover advantage over a long
period. It is considering venturing into some new markets and hopes to achieve
immense business success.

It also seeks to draw a clear line
that differentiates it from the rest in terms of the way it deploys resources
in leading markets. It has always been the company keen on taking advantage of
markets that present it with outstanding opportunities.