main_hdr_img1FusionPharm acknowledges the steady growth of the organic and natural foods marketplace worldwide over the last three decades, and as a result, is well positioned to transform the organic and locally produced food industry. The company was created to take advantage of opportunities present in the vertical farming industry, as well as the cannabis industry. It focuses mainly on developing and integrating its line of cultivation containers, the patent-pending PharmPod. The Colorado-based company trades in the OTC market under the symbol FSPM.

FusionPharm’s primary objective is to develop and integrate its line of cultivation containers known as the PharmPod, based on the CEA or Controlled Environment Agriculture concept that, for decades, has been used widely in greenhouse cultivation. PharmPods, which are being sold and licensed to urban farming companies and agricultural equipment distributors, are built from standard ISO steel shipping containers that have been repurposed for indoor plant cultivation use. The company uses them to cultivate various plants for individuals, business, and universities across the nation. PharmPods have the capacity to grow practically any flower, fruit, herb, vegetable, or terrestrial plant.

A single PharmPod container is 40 feet in size, and can grow more produce than a full acre of traditional farm agriculture. With its special stackable design, three acres worth of farm yields is made available in less space needed to park a single motor home. PharmPods maximize farming processes with a faster cultivation process, a significantly smaller real estate footprint, and a shorter distribution time to the market. It uses advanced lighting technology, uses less than 10 percent of water needed for traditional agriculture, and uses no harmful pesticides. The whole self-contained farming ecosystem created by FusionPharm is both economically and environmentally friendly.

From the very beginning, FusionPharm’s focus has been on its commitment to excellence and an incomparable drive to be the best at what it does—from its cultivation container systems to the other products and services the company offers.

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