logo-v2GreenBank Capital, Inc is a corporate finance business with a focus on Canadian small cap publicly listed companies. It has six small cap companies all listed in the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) as well as a number of other investments in its portfolio. Among the company’s solutions are facilitating company listings, private equity transactions, mergers, and acquisitions. Its foray into the medical marijuana sector started earlier in 2014.

The company was incorporated in January 2013 in British Columbia. It currently trades as GBC in the Canadian Securities Exchange, with a market cap of CAD 0.32 M.

As of press time, GreenBank Capital has facilitated the creation and listing of six small caps delving in the natural resource, mining, oil and gas, and technology industries in Canada. The companies are namely: Winston Resources, Inc; CNRP Mining, Inc; Zara Resources, Inc; Leo Resources, Inc; and GreenBank Capital, Inc.

The company’s investment portfolio meanwhile comprises of Leo Resources, Inc; Bitcoin Canada Investment, Inc; Zara Resources, Inc; Hadley Mining, Inc; and Bitcoin Angel Capital, Inc. With Bitcoin Angel, GreenBank Capital claims to be the first public company that has invested in cryptocurrency.

GreenBank also revealed in April 2014 that it has established the subsidiary Canada Marijuana Agricorp, Inc. This subsidiary company plans to lease at least 20 acres of Ontario land that will be used for the production of commercial medical marijuana. At the same time, it is preparing to apply for its license under Health Canada’s Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR).

In the meantime, GreenBank has created and launched a website called MarijuanaForCanada.ca. It aims to be the leading information and education website regarding marijuana in Canada.

GreenBank Capital’s management team is led by Chairman, CEO, and CFO Daniel Wettreich together with VP for Administration Mark Wettreich.

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