logo-2GrowBlox Sciences, Inc is a development-stage company that offers cultivating and processing solutions to medical marijuana businesses. These solutions are primarily the proprietary technologies that the company itself has developed, and GrowBlox Sciences intends to implement these in Nevada through its state-level partners.

The company was founded in 2001 and first operated as Flagstick Ventures, Inc. It underwent various changes in business and name: in 2004, it became the Diabetic Treatment Centers of America, Inc, and in 2008, it changed to Signature Exploration and Production Corp. Finally, in April 2014, it became GrowBlox Sciences, Inc.

The company is now being traded in the OTC markets under the symbol GBLX. Its value is estimated at USD 22.41 M.

GrowBlox Sciences’ technologies cater to various aspects of the marijuana cultivation process. One of the company’s major technologies is the GrowBlox Cannabis Grow Chamber, an indoor plant-growing chamber equipped with climate and environment controls. The company also has the InCUBEator Cannabis Propagation Chamber, designed to ensure the consistency of cannabis cultivation through the tissue culture method.

Another solution developed by GrowBlox is the ConversionLAB, which is used in the extraction of the medicinal compounds of cannabis, utilizing CO2 to produce clean extracts. Finally, for the drying and curing of marijuana, there is the CureBLOX Cannabis Drying System. This process follows an algorithm that regulates temperature and humidity and thus makes the product pathogen-free.

In addition, GrowBlox is one of the leading companies that process state and local licenses in places where medical cannabis programs are established. The company does this with its specialists in application requests such as compliance, sales plans, packaging, branding, and security.

The management team at GrowBlox Sciences, Inc comprises CEO and Chairman Craig M. Ellins, CFO and Chief Accounting Officer Steven W. Weldon, and Chief Science Officer Dr. Andrea Small-Howard.

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