Hemp Crops Are Tested For Thc Levels; Under U.s.

Hemp crops are tested for THC levels; under U.S. federal law, crops containing above 0.3% THC are required to be destroyed. Currently, farmers cannot obtain crop insurance to protect against this risk. 22nd Century has developed a solution to this problem by creating industrial hemp plants that contain zero THC.” “We are delighted that our exciting research with Anandia Labs has created zero THC plants and altered levels of cannabinoids suitable for both industrial hemp and medical marijuana,” explained Dr. Paul Rushton, 22nd Century’s Vice President for Plant Biotechnology. “We anticipate that our zero THC hemp plants will form the basis of a new generation of industrial hemp and medical marijuana varieties. These markets are projected to be multi-billion dollar markets in the near term.” A leader in the cannabinoid research and development, Axim Biotechnologies Inc. (otcqb:AXIM), has retained the services of a global Contract Research Organization, Ora Inc., to perform the company’s upcoming product development (based on AXIM’ IP) and clinical trials for treating glaucoma and marijuana dry eye utilizing cannabinoid-based therapeutics. Ora is the world’s leading ophthalmology CRO for advancing products from pre-clinical through approval and post-market phases. Ora will run the clinical programs under the supervision of Prof.

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