Leaflys Decision To Again Accept These Ads Appears To Be In Direct Conflict With The Principle Of Safe Patient Access And The Law.

By Dan Adams Globe Staff March 17, 2017 Massachusetts officials are warning that the online marijuana directory Leafly may be violating state law by publishing ads for pot-delivery services they say are operating without state oversight. The website is one of the most popular in the cannabis industry, widely used by consumers to find nearby dispensaries and other licensed suppliers in states such as Massachusetts that have legalized the drug. But two weeks ago, the website re-listed several delivery outfits, saying it had verified their owners were state-licensed personal caregivers authorized to supply patients with pot. Health officials reiterated this week Medical marijuana stocks that the delivery operations appear to be violating provisions of the medical marijuana law that limit most caregivers to one patient at a time, and prohibit them from profiting from the transaction. Only the states licensed nine dispensaries are permitted to sell marijuana to multiple patients, the officials said, adding that they had told Leafly as much a year ago. Get Talking Points in your inbox: An afternoon recap of the days most important business news, delivered weekdays. Sign Up Thank you for signing up! Sign up for more newsletters here In April 2016, DPH made clear to Leafly what the law allows with respect to dispensaries, personal caregivers, and delivery of marijuana for medical use, a department spokesman said in a statement. Leaflys decision to again accept these ads appears to be in direct conflict with the principle of safe patient access and the law. The state, along with patient advocates, are worried that the delivery services are conducting an end-run around the background checks, lab testing, and other extensive requirements imposed on licensed brick-and-mortar dispensaries. But the regulations also allow medical professionals, as well as home health aides and personal care attendants already caring for a patient, to serve more than more than one at a time. Leafly said employees of the delivery companies, acting as personal care attendants, are legally allowed to serve multiple patients, pointing to guidance it received from DPH.

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