mcigmCig, Inc. is a company that specializes on developing, manufacturing, and distributing portable vaporizers such as Vapolution 2.0, VitaCig, mCig 2.0, and other vaporizing products. Founded in 2010 and formerly known as LifeTech Industries, Inc., the Washington-based company changed its name to mCig, Inc. in August 2013. The company aims to make its products the top choice for the electronic consumption of plant materials, waxes, and oils. It trades in the OTC market under the symbol MCIG.

As states continue to follow the lead of Colorado and Washington in terms of legalizing marijuana, mCig, Inc. is a firm believer that the regulated marijuana industry is evolving rapidly, and that a similar trend is emerging in the eCig or electronic vaporizing cigarette industry. According to analysts, electronic cigarette sales may reach $10 billion from just $1 billion in the next three years. After realizing the opportunities available in the legal marijuana industry, mCig, Inc. created a consumer product that would solve the market gap in between the increasing eCig usage trend and marijuana legalization.

mCig, Inc. utilized its extensive experience in the field of water filtration and vaporization, engineering and designing a consumer device loosely based on the electronic cigarette. The difference between the mCig and a traditional eCig, however, is that the former heats various loose-leaf herbs instead of being pre-packed with plant materials or vapor. The mCig gives consumers the option of consuming the plant materials of their choice, as not everyone has a preference for nicotine. Due to the mCig, Inc.’s innovative design, the company is positioned to be the leading device for the consumption of legalized marijuana, traditional tobacco, and other herbs.

With a very affordable price point, the mCig is not just among the cheapest eCigs around, but it is also more inexpensive than any other competing product that allows for the heating of loose-leaf herbs.

mCig, Inc. believes that as the first mover in the industry, their ability to leverage technology allows their product to be a game-changing device and will allow for a more efficient alternative to traditional cigarettes.

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