mentorMentor Capital, Inc is a publicly traded private equity firm that invests in and acquires marijuana companies in both the medical and social sectors. The firm primarily provides passive equity to smaller companies and invests in shelf IPOs. Mentor’s major goal is to give public market access to founders and small-business owners.

The company is allowed to raise a total of USD 23 M from the public market. A cannabis company that needs to obtain public market funding may approach Mentor Capital, trading in 10% to 60% of its own business. Mentor Capital, in turn, works on providing higher prices for small slices of business. This is possible due to the firm’s capital structure and investing approach.

Currently, Mentor Capital’s cannabis portfolio comprises a wide array of businesses, namely: Bhang Financial, Bhang Medicinal Chocolate (with agreement in dispute as of October 2014), Brighter Day Health, GW Pharmaceuticals (with the largest index holding), Nevada Cannabis Ventures, MicroCannaBiz, Shaw Capital Management, and Waste Consolidators, Inc.

Though Mentor accommodates both the medical and recreational sectors of the marijuana industry, the firm prefers to focus on the medicine. One of its investments is in fact in cancer immunotherapy sciences. The company however intends to transition completely to the cannabis industry in time.

Mentor Capital has a long history as a company. It was founded in 1985 as a California gym company called Main Street Athletic Clubs. Only in 2008 did it reinvent itself into Mentor Capital, Inc, starting with its cancer sector investments. According to the company, when that sector collapsed, it then moved into the marijuana space.

With a market cap of USD 5.51 M, Mentor Capital is now traded under the symbol MNTR in the OTC markets.

The company is led by CEO, President, and Founder Chester Billingsley; Director James J. Blazeck; and CFO Lori J. Stansfield.

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Vaccine Affirming Lapel Pins Free to Mentor Capital Shareholders

Mentor Capital (MNTR) shareholders may get a free lapel pin to confirm vaccination. Send stamped return envelope to: 5964 Campus CT, Plano, TX 75093

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