One Of The Things Johnson Says Shes Still Surprised By Is How Common Cannabis Use Is.

LeAnn Bjerken Were so thankful to our customers and always enjoy hearing feedback. Becca Johnson is the district manager for Spokanes two Cinder locations, one at 7011 N. Division that has 13 employees and the other at 1421 N. Mullan Road, which employs 18 people. She says she agrees that an educated staff and quality product are the deciding factors to achieve success in the cannabis retail industry. Everyone I know who works in this industry is so excited to be here, she says. These are driven, motivated individuals. One of the things Johnson says shes still surprised by is how common cannabis use is. People are surprisingly open minded and willing to try new products, something different than your typical joint, she says. We get customers from all walks of life, so we try to be a place for everyone, not just one type of person. The WSLCB offers four types of marijuana licenses: producer, processor, retailer, and transporter. Currently, it lists 142 producer licenses, 151 processor licenses, 157 retailer licenses, and four transporter licenses in Spokane County. Mikhail Carpenter, spokesman for the WSLCB, says the number of licensees continues to grow as the board continues to process applications. Carpenter says there is no limit on the number of producer and/or processor licenses, nor is there a limit on how many can locate where, although some local jurisdictions have imposed zoning ordinances. He says the number of retail Medical marijuana stocks locations statewide is capped at 556, with locations being assigned based on population and consumption data. The board settled on 334 retail licenses, and those were divided up using the previously mentioned criteria, he says.

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