organigram_logoOrganiGram Holdings, Inc is a Canadian developer, producer, and seller of medical marijuana. It is relatively a new entry to the marijuana industry, but is already a licensed producer under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR). Currently, it produces 16 strains of condition-specific medicinal cannabis, with more in development.

Founded in 2010, OrganiGram started out as Inform Exploration Corp, a Vancouver-based company that acquired and explored resource properties. It was only in August 2014, after the completion of a reverse takeover, when it became OrganiGram Holdings, Inc.

The company is now listed in the TSX Venture Exchange as OGI and in the US OTC markets as OGRMF. Its market value is at USD 64.9 M. The company has also established its headquarters in New Brunswick.

OrganiGram emphasizes that its marijuana strains are condition-specific. This means that they use specific formulations of medicinal cannabis ingredients THC and CBD to target particular health conditions. These conditions include some of the symptoms and side-effects in patients who have HIV/AIDS, anxiety, cancer, muscular dystrophy, arthritis, spinal cord disease, and many more.

The company’s marijuana strains are grouped according to their effects and targets. There’s a group to stimulate appetite and control nausea (ACN), to address anxiety and stress disorders (ASD), to manage chronic pain (MCP), to address neurological disorders including spasticity (NDS), and to provide dignity, comfort, and good quality of life for end-of-life patients (DCQ).

OrganiGram’s products are marketed to both patients and doctors, and are sold through online stores and telephone orders. The company made its first medical marijuana shipment to registered customers in September 2014.

The management team at OrganiGram Holdings, Inc is led by Chairman, CEO, and President Denis Arsenault, CFO Scott Franklin, and Director of Investor Relations Brett Allan.

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