Phoenix Capital Partners Launches $18,850,000 Venture Fund To Capitalize On The Emerging Medical Cannabis Markets – Yahoo Finance

“The Fund was designed to provide investors with the security of the real estate coupled with direct participation benefits, and tax advantages similar to an investment in oil and gas,” said Vincent Coviello, Phoenix’s Chief Investment Officer. Information regarding the investment in Boulder Ranch Partners can be obtained from the company by calling 888.733.6220 or emailing to obtain a copy of the confidential private placement memorandum. The offering is solely available to accredited investors under Rule 506(c) of Regulation D promulgated by the SEC under the Securities Act. The Fund intends to generate revenue through the leasing of the ranch to key operators in the medical and pharmaceutical cannabis industry. Through the relationships Phoenix Pharms has been able to create over past two years, we have assembled a group of professional and proven operators to lease these facilities and enter into joint venture partnerships with Phoenix Pharms. The purpose of engaging with former fund manager and real estate professional Mr. Vincent Coviello and FDIC cleared bank founder, Mr. Richard Maher was to provide Phoenix Pharms with a foundation on which to create a series of limited partnership investment funds to purchase real estate across the United States and Internationally, invest in infrastructure and lease out facilities to key operators in the medical cannabis industry. Martin Tindall, Director of Phoenix Pharms Capital Corporation said, “By providing an investment in real estate and infrastructure through a limited partnership and through direct placement, we can provide investors with the security and peace of mind of real estate, while maximizing returns through high yielding triple net leases.” About Phoenix Pharms Capital Corporation Phoenix Pharms Capital Corporation is a provider of strategic investment and business incubation services for the medical cannabis industry.

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