Progressive Talk About The Causes Of Crime Is No Longer Fashionable.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews The IPSOS Issues Monitor survey in December showed that crime was the most highly ranked issue for Victorians 41% of people put it in their top marijuana three issues. People in NSW ranked crime only the fourth most crucial issue, after health, housing and the cost of living. Crime rates are up in Victoria, especially assaults, robbery, break-ins and thefts, and while youth crime overall is declining, the seriousness of crimes being committed by a small number of young people is worrying. The government is responding in the usual way a big boost to police numbers, an overhaul of youth justice, and a toughening of rhetoric. Progressive talk about the causes of crime is no longer fashionable. Most of the governments problems are self-inflicted or a result of stupidity on the part of some of its members. For the Speaker and the deputy Speaker of parliament, both representing city electorates, to claim tens of thousands of dollars in second residence allowances because they identified their primary residence as their beachside homes, beggared belief. The allowance is meant for country MPs to maintain a second home in Melbourne for when parliament is sitting. The former deputy Speaker, Don Nardella, refused to pay back the more than $100,000 he had claimed for living outside his electorate, and on Tuesday was forced out of Labors caucus. Fuck off, he told reporters when asked about it.

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