pugetPuget Technologies, Inc is a company that provides 3D printing products and is now expanding into the cannabis industry. Its operations are primarily the acquisition, development, and selling of end-consumer 3D devices, but it has also formed a subsidiary for cannabis research and development. Additionally, it delves in the energy supplement sector by acquiring an energy drink company.

For its 3D printing business, Puget Technologies has partnered up with Shenzhen Weistek, a company in Guangdon, China that manufactures 3D printers and related materials. While Shenzhen Weistek exports the products to the US, Puget handles the distribution and sales through its subsidiary Weistek USA, which was created in February 2014.

Puget Technologies’ current product roster includes the Ideawerk 3D Printer, the PrintSnaptic 3D software, the Snapsearch 3D scanning app, and the 3D printer filament called Eco-fil. The company has opened an eBay store where it sells these products to its general consumer market. It has also begun to ship out the products to customers who have ordered.

Meanwhile, for its marijuana business, Puget Technologies formed the subsidiary Cannabis Biotech in September 2013. This subsidiary conducts the company’s research and development efforts, particularly on cannabinoid-based treatments and cannabis-infused beverages. Some of its current products are cannabinoid nasal spray and skin patches.

Also in September 2013, Puget Technologies acquired B-29 Energy, Inc, an energy supplement company. Puget now facilitates the development and distribution of the various energy drinks of B-29.

Founded in 2010, Puget Technologies, Inc now trades in the OTC markets as PUGE. Its market cap is at USD 3.19 M.

Puget Technologies is led by Mr. Gary Valentine, who functions as both the CEO and President. The company is based in Houston, Texas.

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