rapid-fire-marketing1Rapid Fire Marketing, Inc. is a holding company for various businesses that focuses on the development, production, and distribution of vapor inhaler products for medical cannabis patients, as well as casual users of herbs and nicotine. The company also provides the medical cannabis industry with marketing, consulting, and management services. It trades in the OTC market under the stock symbol RFMK.

Rapid Fire Marketing, Inc.’s primary business is the Vapor Inhaler, which is brand new and disruptive technology particularly beneficial to medical cannabis patients, and is the base technology for the CANNAcig and its follow-on products. The Nevada-based company considers their technology a game changer for both smokers and medical marijuana users across the globe. At the moment, follow-on products include the Pocket Puffer dry herbal vaporizer and the Power Pocket Puffer.

The CANNAcig Vapor Inhaler, first introduced to the vaporizer market in 2012, is the smallest and most discreet vapor inhaler available today. The device, which is manufactured by Rapid Fire Marketing and their production partners, is considered superior to anything of its kind thanks to the Cannabis Vapor Inhaler technology it uses. The device is small in size, and unlike many other vapor inhalers, is not hot to the touch. It also is also not messy to use, as it is clean and does not leak. Rapid Fire Marketing firmly believes that the Vapor Inhaler has the biggest opportunity in the retail market, where it is sold without the active ingredient.

Rapid Fire Marketing’s objectives are consumer focused, and include continuing to create the most innovative, cost-effective vaporizer products in the market, and subsequently developing brand and customer loyalty and becoming a market leader because of these products. They continuously strive to never allow a competitor to get ahead of their technological developments.

The company wishes to dominate the market by quickly reaching profitability, and then plans to re-invest this profit into new product development, customer loyalty programs, and market share strategies.

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