surna-logo1Surna, Inc is developer and manufacturer of cannabis cultivation equipment. It currently features products for climate control in legal indoor cannabis grow operations, and is aiming to expand its product line. Through research and development as well as acquisitions, the company is also open to reaching other sectors such as biotechnology and nutraceuticals.

Founded and incorporated in Nevada in 2009, Surna, Inc now has its headquarters in Colorado. The company trades in the OTC markets under the symbol SRNA, and its market cap is at USD 48.18 M.

Surna designs its climate control products for indoor gardens and cultivation facilities, particularly for their need to regulate humidity and temperature for marijuana plants. The company’s climate control system uses water-chilled or water-cooled mechanisms which also help reduce mold. Surna touts these systems as more efficient than traditional ones.

Other products of Surna, Inc are commercial air handlers and garden chillers, which are part of the company’s climate control system but can be purchased separately.

For its products, Surna, Inc uses technologies it obtained through intellectual property (IP) acquisition. It acquired the intellectual property portfolio of Safari Resource Group, Inc, a marijuana IP owner whose portfolio includes the patented “Airstream” reflector.

Surna also acquired the gardening equipment company Hydro Innovations, which has become a Surna brand. The co-founder of Hydro Innovations, Stephen Keen, was the original developer of the water-chilled system that Surna now uses.

With its acquisitive strategy, the company aims to be an aggregator of technologies, IP, and scalable operating companies.

Surna, Inc is also noted for its management team. Zynga co-founder Thomas Douglas Bollich now leads Surna as its Chairman, CEO, and President. Together with him are CFO and Executive VP Douglas McKinnon and General Counsel Tae Elan, who is one of the first marijuana lawyers in Colorado.

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Latest Financial News for SRNA

Surna Reports Q1 2019 Results

Enters into $5 million sales contract in April/May 2019 for multi-facility operator expansion project  and announces Strategic Plan for Acquisitions and Funding Boulder,.

Surna Signs Two Project Contracts for a Combined Value of $4.7 Million

Surna Inc. (SRNA) announced today that it recently signed two contracts with a combined value of $4.7 million. New facility construction project for $2.2 million: This contract is for a 90,000 square foot indoor cannabis facility that is being built in the Midwest. Payment for the remaining value of the contract, about $2.1 million, is primarily for delivery of HVAC equipment, the timing of which remains uncertain due to construction permitting and typical construction delays—which are outside of our control.

Surna Launches SentryIQ™ Sensors, Controls and Automation Platform

Surna Inc. (SRNA) announces the launch of SentryIQ™, its new sensors, controls and automation platform that will help its customers achieve the precision environmental control, energy management, and advanced automation required by cannabis growers. “As the industry continues to evolve and energy efficiency and precise environmental control gain importance, it became obvious that the existing controls systems in the marketplace were limiting our ability to reach the full potential of the systems we design.

Surna Issues Shareholder Letter and Announces Q4 2018 Earnings Call

Letter Details Strategic Plan and Vision for 2019 BOULDER, Colorado , March 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Surna Inc. (OTCQB:  SRNA), a designer, engineer and manufacturer of environmental control and air sanitation ...

RMMI Corp. Newell Facility Renovation, Corporate Update and Board Change

CALGARY , Dec. 17, 2018 /CNW/ - RMMI Corp. ("RMMI" or the "Company") (CSE: RMMI) is pleased to provide an update on the renovation of its Newell facility and related activities. Interior demolition of the main building commenced at the beginning of December and is expected to be completed before December 25 , 2018.  Reconstruction and renovation of the building will commence immediately thereafter and is targeted for completion in Q2 2019.  The Company's 23,400 square foot main facility will be capable of supplying the Canadian market with a wide range of cannabis products. The Company believes that with robust environmental controls, full-spectrum controllable LED lighting and precise irrigation control, the Company will be able to produce the highest quality plants while reducing crop risk.  Each growing room will be configured with a wide array of sensors to allow the Company to collect real-time data on growing conditions and climate and continually improve its results.  These systems will allow each room to maintain accurate environmental setpoints for conditions such as humidity and temperature and adjust to variations in internal and external conditions.  The facility is designed to maximize the genetic potential of each strain for terpene profile, flower quality and yield.