logo11T-Bird Pharma Inc is a pharmaceutical company considered as the first publicly traded medical cannabis firm in British Columbia, Canada. The company operates through the subsidiary Thunderbird Biomedical Inc, which is one of Canada’s first licensed producers under the new Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR).

Founded in 2007, T-Bird Pharma was originally Firebird Capital Partners, a company that operated as Firebird Energy, Inc to explore oil and natural gas in Western Canada. The company became T-Bird Pharma Inc only in August 2014, following a reverse takeover.

Today, T-Bird Pharma is traded in the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol TPI. Its market cap is at CAD 6.95 M.

The company’s current portfolio has more than 60 strains of premium high-grade medicinal cannabis. Among these are well-known strains such as Blue God, Island Honey, and Pink Kush.

T-Bird Pharma, through its subsidiary Thunderbird Biomedical, operates its alpha facility located in Saanich, Victoria. The 3,178-square feet facility has a license from Health Canada to produce and sell as much as 243 kg of dried marijuana. Thunderbird Biomedical is the fifth company in Canada to obtain such a license.

T-Bird has a second facility also in Victoria, British Columbia. Covering a total of 43,500 square feet, it has a 28,966-square feet floor space and an option to have a 14,500-square feet mezzanine space. Thunderbird aims to have Health Canada inspect the facility in the first quarter in 2015, and has thus started its infrastructure work in the area.

The management team at T-Bird Pharma is led by Founder and CEO Robert Gagnon. Alongside him are VP of Operations Rick Morris, CFO Chris Taylor, and VP of Quality Assurance Karen Parent.

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