taug_logo_f_improf_179x131Tauriga Sciences, Inc is a diversified biotechnology company that entered the marijuana industry this year. It made its entry by acquiring the medical cannabis manufacturer Honeywood LLC, which became one of Tauriga’s subsidiary companies.

Tauriga was founded in 2001 and has since gone through different businesses and names. Among these are New England Acquisitions, Atlantic Wine Agencies, and Novo Energies Corp. It finally became Tauriga Sciences, Inc in 2013.

Today, Tauriga Sciences, Inc is traded in OTC markets under the symbol TAUG. Its market cap is pegged at USD 14.6 M.

The company takes on the strategy of diversifying its portfolio through the acquisition of licenses, exclusive and non-exclusive rights, as well as entire businesses. Currently, Tauriga’s featured subsidiary companies are Microbial Robotics LLC (previously known as Bacterial Robotics LLC), Pilus Energy LLC, and on the marijuana front, Honeywood LLC.

Microbial Robotics LLC is a firm that bio-engineers certain micro-organisms to ‘program’ them into microscopic robots. Such micro robots are deemed useful in various applications including disease reduction, water cleaning, food cultivation, fuel production, and therapeutics production.

Pilus Energy is a subsidiary of Microbial Robotics and it has also been acquired by Tauriga Sciences. It is also a biotech firm, with a specialty in genetically engineering certain bacteria. The bacteria process wastewater to produce direct current electricity and several useful gases and chemicals.

Lastly, Tauriga’s subsidiary in the medical cannabis space, which it acquired in March 2014, is Honeywood LLC. This subsidiary develops and sells topical cannabis products such as healing creams and skin lotions. It sells these products through online channels under the Doc Greens brand.

At the helm of Tauriga Sciences is Dr. Stella Sung, the company’s CEO, Chairman, COO, and Interim CFO. With her are VP for Strategic Planning Seth M. Shaw, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Lawrence A. May, and Operations Manager Ghalia Lahlou. Other executives include the VP and General Manager of Pilus Energy Ian Harrison, and VP of NuclearBot Development David Schweizer.

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