That Puts Oregons Jobless Rate Also Below The Nations 4.7 Percent Unemployment Rate.

Should it become law, Oregon pot retailers would have 30 days to destroy their recreational customers data- derived from IDs that are used to verify patrons are at least 21 and would be banned from such record-keeping moving forward. Medical marijuana cardholders data would be excluded from the provisions. The practice, while common in Oregon, is either prohibited or discouraged in Alaska, Colorado and Washington state. JOBS The latest economic figures released Monday show the rate of jobless Oregonians tumbled in February to 4 percent a new Medical marijuana record-low since the state began tracking labor data back in 1976. That puts Oregons jobless rate also below the nations 4.7 percent unemployment rate. Nonfarm payrolls also added 8,200 jobs statewide last month, up from the revised gain of 700 in January. The rosy jobs report came just weeks after state economists said across-the-board growth in Oregons economy will funnel an extra $200 million into state coffers that wasnt previously expected. Despite Oregons relatively rapid rebound from the economic downturn, public employee pension obligations and looming cuts to federal health funds have helped create a $1.6 billion-hole in the upcoming 2017-19 budget that begins July 1. HEALTH CARE The GOPs contentious health care overhaul proposal in Washington D.C., was yanked from the House floor Friday minutes before its scheduled vote. Its unclear what that means going forward for the existing Affordable Care Act which dropped the rate of uninsured Oregonians to 5 percent- but current negotiations in Congress dont change some of the immediate challenges looming over Oregon. Previously planned cuts to federal matching dollars for Medicaid expansion, which helped 375,000 low-income and disadvantaged Oregonians obtain health coverage, means Oregon has to come up with $270 million to keep services going at current levels during the upcoming 2017-19 budget that begins July 1.

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