rki1q0xapvw_two_riversTwo Rivers Water & Farming Company develops Colorado farmland and water rights. It has recently entered the marijuana industry by offering infrastructure to cannabis growers. On this front, Two Rivers has established its wholly owned subsidiary GrowCo, Inc.

Founded in 2002, Two Rivers Water & Farming Company formerly operated as Navidec Financial Services, Inc, and then as Two Rivers Water Company. It took on its current name starting in 2013.

Two Rivers is currently traded in the OTC markets under the symbol TURV, with a market cap of USD 18.9 M.

For its farming operations, the company upgrades irrigated lands that were formerly for low-value crops, and develops them into farmlands for high-value fruits and vegetables. The company grows crops such as cabbage, corn, oats, and pumpkin over 7,465 gross acres of farmland in southeastern Colorado. Its produce is sold through one of its wholly owned subsidiaries, Dionisio Farms & Produce.

Another vital part of Two Rivers’ business is owning water rights in Colorado’s Arkansas River Basin. Water rights allow the company to conduct water management activities such as diverting stream flow, pumping ground water, and operating storage reservoirs. According to an estimate, Two Rivers diverts 15,000 acre-feet of water each year, on a long-term historic average.

Two Rivers’ most recent venture is in the marijuana industry, through its GrowCo, Inc subsidiary. Targeting cannabis cultivators, it leases facilities for marijuana growing and processing, and provides education to growers on how to maximize a modern greenhouse environment. The company forecasts that it may be leasing up to 12 of these facilities in Colorado in the next four years.

Two Rivers Water & Farming Company is led by Chairman and CEO John R. McKowen, CFO Wayne E. Harding III, VP of Operations Kirsty Cameron, and COO of Farming Russ Dionisio.

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DENVER, Colorado, April 27, 2020 -- Two Rivers Water & Farming Company (“Two Rivers” or the “Company”) (OTCQB: TURV), a strategic company that acquires, manages and.

Two Rivers Water & Farming Company and WaterVault America, Inc. Announce Definitive Agreement for Sale of HCIC Holdings, LLC.

Two Rivers Water & Farming Company (“Two Rivers”) (TURV), a strategic company that acquires, manages and develops the infrastructure of various agricultural industries including land and water rights, and WaterVault America Inc. (“WaterVault”), an unaffiliated, Colorado Public Benefits Corporation, dedicated to creating sustainable economic development in rural communities, today announced that both companies have entered into a Definitive Agreement for WaterVault to acquire water rights of Cucharas Valley No. 05 Dam and Reservoir (“Cucharas Dam”). Two Rivers has agreed to sell their controlling 94.7% interest in HCIC Holdings, LLC, which owns 5,062 shares of the 132-year-old, mutual benefit company Huerfano-Cucharas Irrigation Company (“HCIC”), a mutual irrigation company and owner of water infrastructure assets and infrastructure rights in Huerfano County, including the Cucharas Dam.

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In my last letter I shared with you that after taking the position of interim CEO and CFO for Two Rivers, our major focus was on an internal review of the company's operations and expenditures, which included launching an ongoing internal audit of the Company’s contracts, commitments and obligations in place prior to my involvement. One of our Special Projects that resulted from this initiative was a thorough investigation around the facts and circumstances surrounding certain convertible securities controlled by three or more purchasers (the "Noteholders"), that the Company held.

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