UGS_headerUnique Growing Solutions, Inc is a company that provides turnkey solutions to the natural food industry, including those in the cannabis sector. Among the main services the company provides are leasing and grow systems, with plans to create its own brand of food and beverages.

The company offers food growers with the Enviro-lease program, in which they can lease a turnkey plant-growing environment. This is modeled after the leasing of executive suites by office buildings. In the Enviro-lease program, grow operators need only to sign a simple lease contract and Unique Growing Solutions will provide the needed features and systems. These will be tailor-fit to the needs of the grower, whether for a custom growth facility or a shared production.

Among the grow systems that Unique Growing Solutions can provide is its proprietary Enviro-Pod. It is a greenhouse environment or container equipped with high-technology systems such as hydroponics, state-of-the-art lighting, and ancillary horticulture support apparatus. The Enviro-Pod has been developed by Unique Growing Solutions for growers to achieve high-quantity and quality yields. It can be used as part of a lease, or purchased separately.

Unique Growing Solutions currently markets its products and services to individuals and businesses that want to start a grow operation but are reluctant because of the high start-up costs. However, the company is itself planning to leverage its portable growing systems by launching its own brand of food and beverages in the future.

Founded in 2010, Unique Growing Solutions, Inc was formerly known as Alternative Energy & Environmental Solutions, Inc. It was a biotechnology company that delved in the extraction of coalbed methane. The company changed to its current name in August 2014.

Today, Unique Growing Solutions is traded as ALNE in the OTC market, with a market cap of USD 34.2 M.

The company is led by Richard Johnson, who is the President, CEO, and CFO.

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