While The Obama Administration Took A Hands-off Approach To Those States That Legalized Marijuana, A New Administration Could Change Course And Threaten Aggressive Enforcement.

Notwithstanding the will of the people in several states, the national election also led to a White House which will likely enforce federal marijuana prohibitions that have been largely ignored by law enforcement for nearly a decade. The question left open by the national election iswill the Trump administration and the intended Attorney General Jeff Sessions enforce the federal prohibition? How vigorous will that enforcement be in light of Sessions previous pronouncements and public positions? Several states have now passed ballot measures legalizing marijuana. If Senator Sessions, the Republican Senator from Alabama, is confirmed as Attorney General, there will be dire concerns for those involved in the marijuana business. While the Obama administration took a hands-off approach to those states that legalized marijuana, a new administration could change course Marijuana Stocks and threaten aggressive enforcement. While storm clouds appear on the federal horizon, support for marijuana legalization, both recreational and medicinal, continues to grow throughout the nation, state by state. Prior to the November 2016 election, only four states (Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington) permitted the use of recreational marijuana. Now, a total of eight states have adopted laws legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. Additionally, a total of twenty-nine states now have laws regulating marijuana in some form. In the recent election, nine states had ballot measures regarding either the legalization of marijuana for recreational use or medical use and the results are in: Arizona: Proposition 205 sought to legalize recreational marijuana for adults and permit the production and sale, but ultimately the ballot measure failed.

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